I assume when 5 girls link arms and cover Granville St. sidewalk that they want to play red rover so don’t act all shocked wen I break a link and take a player
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Old movie reviews I found in my email. Did I post this earlier? I hope not.

I’ve seen a few movies recently – the joys of travelling and having one of the City’s last remaining movie rental stores nearby – and I thought I would share my thoughts:

Immortals: This is a brilliant movie, and by “brilliant” I mean “let’s take the movie 300 and get rid of that whole ‘writing a story’ bit”.  I sometimes felt like I was watching an old comedy movie that tried but just wasn’t very funny.  However, it did serve very well as an educational video.  Here is what I learned:

  • If you want to be evil, make sure that you can explain why you’re evil in a short, concise sentence that doesn’t make any sense.  (Suggested example: “My parents bought me generic “Slam’n Jam” shoes instead of Nikes when I was kid, thus I must build the largest robot and sink Hawai.”)
  •  As you introduce yourself to new people, make sure to incorporate this motive early on into the conversation.  (Suggested example: “These cheese puffs are delicious!  Know what else is delicious? My parents bought me generic “Slam’n Jam” shoes instead of Nikes when I was a kid, thus I must build the largest robot and sink Hawai.”)  Adding your motive to your business card is considered cheating, but may help.
  • While you’re at it, make sure you are constantly eating messy, juicy foods. Juicy slobber = SUPER evil.
  • Apparently the term “Titan” does not mean “big” or “giant”.  It means “black savage”.
  • Pacifism means you’re a pussy.  And you’re wrong.  Oh, and you’ll die.  Or it means you’re a woman.  Which means that you’ll most likely die.  And that you like to make out with your lady friends.

 50/50:  This was touted to be a good movie…but felt like every other shitty movie starring that fat fuck..what’s his name?

Stick It: There is nothing remotely awful you could say about this movie.  Brought to you by the makers of “Bring it On”?  Starring Jeff frickin Bridges?  The only way this movie would have been better is if they gave you a complimentary shirt that says “Believe in your dreams” on it before you go watch it.

I’ve always been interested in graffiti as an art form.  I love the loud styles of the writing, and I love the distinct appearance of figures and cartoons that are undeniably rooted in the graffiti culture.  Recently I’ve become intrigued with street art using stencils.  I have been warned that this is a very messy art form but I am looking forward to figuring out what I am capable of. 

There’s a film called ‘Graffiti Wars” that highlights that there is a difference between graffiti and street art, and a lot of contention between the two styles.  The most significant difference is that a graffiti is criminalized in most cities, but street art from people like Banksy will be protected and in some cases restored by the municipality.

I think another area of concern when it comes to street art is that a surprising amount seems to be come from plagiarized art.  The video linked to above focuses on one photographer’s surprise and frustration that a series of screaming self portraits have essentially been stolen from him and profited from.  I like how he is not so bothered by their use in street art, but is justifiably upset that people are profiting off his work without so much as acknowledging the original creator. 

While it is always pathetic to see people profit off of someone else’s artistic work, I will say that when I am watching these types of videos, I am always amazed at all of the places the street art and graffiti shows up.  That takes guts that I don’t think I have.

Still a great song to dance, albeit only for a short amount of time. I was listening to this while make chocolate chip cookies today, and I learned something:  There is no reason to use mint-flavoured chocolate chips.  Ever.  They will make delicious cookies into a gross over-sweetened mess.  But maybe that’s a good thing: stare the wickedness of cookie-eating right in the face.  It’s kind of like “Super Size Me”, but shorter and less health-threatening.

Evil Needle - Week 6

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Recently I watched the quintessential movie on the history of house music, “Pump up the Volume”. A couple of things that stood out to me:

  • It should have been obvious to me, but I did not realize how house was derived from disco.
  • The movie’s definition of “jacking” and what we consider jacking now are very different.
  • One of the interviewee’d tries to imply that disco was “black music”. This struck me as kinda strange, because disco killed funk, and funk was undeniably black music. Ergo, wouldn’t one assume that disco was white music? Or maybe Saturday Night Fever has got me all mixed up.

This song is obviously disco-friendly, and it’s also a popular whacking song today. For me, it’s one of those songs that I mistakenly put on while I’m doing the dishes but end up dancing to instead.

Patrice Rushen - Haven’t you heard?

Hey ladies and gents, I recently bought a tablet! I decided to go with a Microsoft Surface… it seemed like the best bang for my buck, and I really liked the interface. At first, I ended up hating it but now I’m really enjoying it. Not having a smart phone, one of my favourite things is the Shazam app, which helps me ID random songs I’ve heard.

I don’t know why I’m explaining what Shazam is to you. If you are reading blogs you probably have been using Shazam for 5 years now. It’s a great tool for me, though, because you always hear great music at jams or at dance battles but don’t always get to catch who made the song. So this is the first of what I call “The Dupuis Discount Music Blowout”. Because I’m gonna post a few songs that I’ve recently found. So let’s start with a classic locking song that seems to get played a lot in the Bay Area.

James Brown - Dead on it

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